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Why is this Businesswoman so happy with EK Private Chauffeur

Our female CEO clients like Kelly B. love EK Private Chauffeur because safety is our number one priority, and service is a close second. Having the same driver each time gives her peace of mind. She can attend to business while we get her to her destination on time.

Executive client Kelly B. says, “I was a taxi/Uber user but I’ve had some bad situations, both with drivers making rude or suggestive comments, or drivers asking ME how to get somewhere. I really like the service I get from EK Private Chauffeur: opening the door for me and waiting nearby if I have a change of plans or need to rush to another meeting. They will even run errands for you while you’re in your meeting, and the price is comparable.” With touches like bottled water and free Wi-Fi, EK Private Chauffeur “really provides a comfort factor to businesswomen like me who need to feel safe and taken care of on their way around the DMV and need to arrive on time with no stress.”

Make a reservation now with EK Private Chauffeur. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling safe, respected, and relaxed.