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Your Car Our Chauffeur or Our Car Our Chauffeur


Your EK Private Chauffeur will be your personal assistant for the day! While you are conducting business, your Chauffeur will run small errands such as picking up small packages, dry cleaning, relatives etc. Our chauffeurs will gladly have your car gassed, taken to the car wash, detail minor interior and exterior areas as needed, and have the vehicle taken in for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. EK Private Chauffeurs will assist you in ways that maximize your valuable time.

Why Use EK Private Chauffeur?

  • Relax and have fun
  • Saves you money
  • Less ostentatious than a limo
  • Safe and smart
  • Convenient
  • Your car Your MUSIC!

    The Possibilities Are Endless!

  • Picking up dry cleaning
  • Picking up the kids
  • Taking a loved one to a doctor appointment
  • Arranging for body guard
  • Business trip planning
  • Taking your cars to be serviced
  • Arranging for Barber
  • Auto detailing
  • Same day package delivery in town
  • Wine Tours
  • Restaurant
  • And much, much more!