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Wine Tour Car Service

What a great initiative, taking a love one or friend to one of the beautiful winery in the area. EK Private Chauffeur will make all the arrangements for you. From selecting the right vineyard to satisfy your taste, arranging lunch/dinner to making hotel arrangements for extended tours. EK Private Chauffeur will customize a tour that fit for you.

Chauffeured Day Trips – One-Way or Round-Trip

EK Private Chauffeur offers chauffeured day trips for business or pleasure. We can drive you from the Washington, DC area to New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, or to a number of other regional destinations. We can drive you there and back, or one-way. You can also book a one-way trip from another city to the DMV area.


Empty Leg Trips

When we have a one-way trip booked for another client, the other half of the trip is known as an “Empty Leg” trip. You can book the Empty Leg, and save 50% off the regular rate, or save even more by splitting the cost with other passengers. Dates and destinations vary from week to week. Check the website or call us at 301-686-8466 for upcoming availability.



Purchase 3 hours of Sedan and SUV service and get your 4th hour free when reserving a trip Sundays through Thursdays Or Purchase 5 hours Limo 6-8 passengers at $400 all inclusive.